Wise to start preparing for CRNE... for 2nd Year Student?

  1. 0 Hey there, I'm wondering if it is wise to invest in some kind of CRNE prep guide/book to study while in accordance studying the material and content in lecture/clinical at school. Or is it more beneficial to finish school then start preparing for CRNE for a few months?
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    Focus on school and your clinicals. There will be ample opportunity to prep for the CRNE when you are closer (< 5 months) to writing it.
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    Agreed. Focus on doing well in your nursing courses and at clinical. Pay close attention to your instructors and preceptors. People who keep up with the workload during their 4 years of school, and who are able to see the big picture at the end of it usually have no problem passing the CRNE. At least wait until you start 4th year to get the study guides. It's too early in your education and you haven't learned enough yet to be able to grasp all the concepts. Soon enough, you'll be at that stage.
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