Recommended Prep Guides for CPNRE Exam

  1. [FONT=comic sans ms]Hello, I am new to this forum.

    I am a Registered Adult Nurse in the UK and have decided to apply as LPN because of the time and cost involved in becoming a canadian RN. I have PR from husband and have sent of my application to CLPNBC last week.

    I am wondering what people have found the best books to study from?

    Thanks for any help.
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  3. by   pinaylovesnursing
    Please study the competencies and learning modules on the CNO website, it really helps you with the exam I found. I did not find Mosbys helpful. It is a lot of information that I did not use. I found the CNA prep guide to be good. I found my medical surgical book to be the best. Please remember to study the CNO learning modules, as it will help you with the psycho-social questions. Make sure you make that a part of your studying! Good luck
  4. by   torontonursingrocks
    I think its important to make sure you really understand the psychological aspect of nursing in Canada. I agree start with the CNO learning modules. In the search bar on the CNO website, type "learning modules" and they will come up. There are about 8 -10 of them. Type "pandemic planning" as well in the search bar, and you will find pandemic scenarios. I personally used Lippincotts and Mosbys and studied a whole lot.