Has anyone written or preparing to write the CRNE?

  1. 0 I'm a Canadian nursing student and I'm interested in what people think of the CRNE. The NCLEX info is good but it doesn't really tell me what to expect when I write the CRNE. Anyone have anything to share?
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    Moved to the CRNE forum
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    cndn_grl08 - there are already many threads that cover the CRNE, how to prepare, what to study, how the exam is designed, how it's scored and when to expect your results. Please have a look at those where I'm sure you'll find all the information you will need.
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    Can you direct me to those then? I heard that this topic was going to be added but I haven't seen anything about it. I guess I missed it somewhere.
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    This forum is full of people discussing the CRNE or CPNRE exam just have a read through the many threads
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    Search is your friend

    Google Search Results for CRNE exam
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