1. 2 Hi all. I have done my RN diploma and now doing Post RN BScN. I will hopefully be moving to toronto this year and want to appear for the canadian nursing exam. Can anyone tell me which one do I fall in? CRNE or CPNRE? As CRNE requires 4 years degree which I dont have straight, although now I have 5 years of nursing education but it was split in two. And also do I have to pay registration fees too along with application and examination fees?
    Pls help so I can apply. Thanks in advance.
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    If you have your BSN you can apply to the college of nurses in Ontario.If you meet their requirements they will give you permission to write the CRNE.You will have to pay application fees as well as registration fees.
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    If you have the College of Nurses of Ontario they will be able to assess your education and experience and will be able to give you an answer based on their assessments. Their website is College of Nurses of Ontario

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