CPNRE prep guide

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    I am planning on sitting the cpnre in may 2013, ive searched but cant find the latest 4th edition prep guide anywhere, im in the uk. Ive tried ebay, bookshops and amazon with no joy. Thanks.
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    Check the CPNRE website


    Click the menu for prep guide and you'll see instructions on how to order.
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    As far as I am aware need to be bought in Canada and then shipped over. Usually cost of shipping done this way is high unless you know someone where you can have it sent to within Canada and ask them to arrange postage to the UK. This may be cheaper
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    Yes it is true, that the cost of shipping to the UK will be expensive, I know from experience. If you have a friend, they could buy it for you and ship it to you, which may be more reasonable in cost.
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    thanks everyone

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