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    I have been asked to volunteer as the camp nurse for 6th outdoor school this year. I am a cardiac intensive care nurse, not a pediatric nurse, however I think a little common sense should go a long way. I have begun researching camp nursing and am now concerned about my legal ability to issue medications to students without standing orders from a physician. There are apparently no protocols being provided for me. I will have 3 kids with severe allergies and they have provided their own emergency kits and standing orders from their physicians. What happens if a different child goes into anaphylactic shock? To my knowledge there are no extra epi-pins stocked at the camp and I was thinking of bringing my own just to have in case of emergency. As a volunteer, can I administer the epi to a child (or an adult counselor) in an emergency and be covered under the good samaritan act?

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    I would suggest that you get your questions answered by the BON in the state in whcih the camp is located.

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