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  1. Schools near Temecula?
    Moved by hoping2nurse Feb 6, '10
  2. A question for UCLA MECN students
    Moved by SCNP2B Jul 30, '09
  3. Should I be sending in official transcripts when schools haven't requested them yet?
    Moved by chiinkz86 Feb 12, '10
  4. San Jose State: GPA requirement
    Moved by anikblue Oct 16, '08
  5. Anyone attended Career Care Institute, Moreno Valley?
    Moved by cindyprry Nov 2, '09
  6. Los Angeles College of Nursing and Allied Health?
    Moved by omgitsmari Feb 9, '10
  7. Help!! Dominican University-California
    Moved by AimingHigh Oct 28, '03
  8. has anyone heard from CSULB yet for fall 2010?
    Moved by chiinkz86 Feb 1, '10
  9. Has anyone been accepted into the Mt. Sac Nursing Program Spring 2009
    Moved by Bella39841 Nov 28, '08
  10. Past or Current Students from SJVC??
    Moved by minnierocker Sep 2, '09
  11. OMG, is CSU Northridge accepting BSN major for fall 2010?!
    Moved by chiinkz86 Feb 1, '10
  12. Unitek in Fremont LVN to RN?
    Moved by NickiLaughs Mar 12, '08
  13. How do I know if the program I am considering will be accepted by other states?
    Moved by NICUrn2B Feb 3, '10
  14. LVN programs Bay Area CA
    Moved by coffeebabe51 Jan 31, '10
  15. San Juaquin Delta college- TEAS test?
    Moved by cobee Feb 3, '10
  16. Accelerated BSN in San Diego?
    Moved by living_dreams Aug 18, '08
  17. Please Help!!! LVN private program in Northern California & financial assistance
    Moved by netvcruz Feb 1, '10
  18. I am looking for nursing school
    Moved by Jenny102938 Jul 30, '09
  19. CSUEB Fall 2010
    Moved by Assailants Jan 29, '10
  20. Private LVN to RN Programs in Bay Area/Central Valley
    Moved by Nissan350z Jan 27, '10
  21. Career Colleges of America
    Moved by cjrespi Jan 30, '10
  22. Question regarding TEAS Score?
    Moved by chiinkz86 Jan 29, '10
  23. does anyone know first hand the Nursing Program offered by San Diego State University
    Moved by bigstar Jan 27, '10
  24. California State University Channel Island
    Moved by bigstar Jan 27, '10
  25. SDSU nursing- spring 2010
    Moved by Arizo1 Sep 6, '09
  26. CSUEB Teas Scores
    Moved by Brighten Jan 21, '10
  27. New info on Kaplan/Maric credits
    Moved by dark40 Jan 22, '10
  28. CSU Long Beach Students???
    Moved by ZAR963 Oct 22, '08
  29. Questions about Kaplan?
    Moved by DoveBunni Jan 23, '10
  30. Who is going to CSU- San Marcos BSN program FALL 2009
    Moved by FireHorseNinja Jul 2, '09
  31. where can i take teas (LA,Valley,OC area)
    Moved by future nicu nurse Jan 22, '10
  32. UCLA MECN Program
    Moved by Dixielou36 Jan 21, '10
  33. Do not use college network
    Moved by tinkerbell1963 Jan 21, '10
  34. Direct Entry Master's Programs! I have no CLUE WHAT TO DO!!
    Moved by magnoliablossoms Jan 18, '10
  35. Is anyone else waiting to hear from LAHC?
    Moved by nursegoodbody310 Jan 4, '10
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