Which LA County hospitals hiring new grads?

  1. 0 I've only found a few and wanted to start a thread so we can help each other out. So far I have:

    CHLA - Versant RN Residency
    San Juaquin - Versant RN Residency
    Presbyterian Intercommunity Hospital - Hiring new grads
    Greater El Monte Community Hospital - Hiring new grads
    Centinela Hospital Medical Center - Acute care experience preferred (doesn't say required so good enough for me!)

    Please add to this list!
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    MOved to CA nursing for best response/exposure.
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    FYI.. from what I heard PIH is pretty much only hiring BSN now. =/

    They only hire ADN if.. a) connections! - you had experience at the hospital/unit already, b) you speak mandarin - they need mandarin speaking nurses for LDRP c) you are already accepted into a BSN program

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