University Of San Francisco USF BSN Fall 2014 Applicants

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    Hey everyone, I just applied for USF Fall 2014 BSN program. I was wondering if anyone else is in the same boat as I am? If you are, what were you stats? Here are mine:
    GPA: 3.53
    CNA Licensed&100 hrs of volunteer w/ patient interaction. I work with SF Food Bank as well.

    I hope to hear from everyone!

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    I didn't get in my first time applying (Spring 2012?) but I also didn't have the experience as a CNA or have enough volunteer hours. When I applied again for Spring 2013, I had become a CNA and had 100+ hours of volunteer experience at SFGH. It seems they accepted more people in my cohort (over 100 I believe, though in the info meeting they said they were only accepting less than 50 people), but we also had to wait 2 semesters before clinical rotations began. Those who got in during the fall only had to wait one semester.
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    I also applied for fall 2014. I hope we get accepted!

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