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UCSF MSN Midwifery program 2010

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    I was wondering if anyone out there is applying for the MSN program for 2010 or has applied in the past. I am applying for the Midwifery/Women's Health Nurse Practitioner specialty. I got a letter scheduling an interview for march and am wondering what to expect.

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    I'm interviewing for the CNM/WHNP program next week as well. Don't really know what to expect though. I am so curious as to how many people are interviewing and how many spots are available. I guess we'll find out! See you there!

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    Let us know how it goes. I will be applying for the ANP program next fall. I am very curious how many applicants vs. slots and what they ask on the interviews!
    Good LUck
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    How did the interviews go? Did either of you get information on how many applied/are accepted?

    I'd love to hear how things went.