Trauma in SoCal

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    I am currently a nurse in South Dakota and am moving to the Azusa area in the fall. I work on a Trauma Stepdown unit and would like to work ICU at a trauma center, with an eye on doing Flights down the line. I'm willing to travel to LA or east if need be; I really just want to get into a good trauma center where I can grow. Any suggestions?

    Also, I always try to market myself as a solution to the challenges facing the unit/hospital/etc. What are the challenges you see in your trauma centers, ICU's, EDs?


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    Loma Linda Medical center and Arrowhead Regional Hospital are both trauma hospitals to the east of azuza.
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    Good luck! I currently live 10 min away from Azusa...I lived in Beresford, SD for 2 years...And will be moving back to Sioux Falls in March!

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