Taking NCLEX in california board of nursing

  1. Hiii everyone,
    I am a B.Sc nursing graduate from India,as my parents are here ,I got the immigrant visa and came here,atpresent i am in virginia, i wish to take nclex in california board of nursing,but i heard that the passing score in california is higher than other states and it is hard to pass,is it true? and after i get through the exam in california,can i get transfer to other states? I AM REALLY IN A CONFUTION WHERE TO TAKE THE EXAM .PLEASE ANYONE HELP ME TO TAKE A GOOD DECISION,i am looking forward for the answer.......thank you
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  3. by   caliotter3
    The NCLEX is a national exam. Passing does not depend upon which state you test in. However, each state has their own criteria for granting the license. If you want to be licensed in CA, then you need to communicate with the Board in CA. If you are going to work in another state, then it would be easier and faster to apply for a license in that state.