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Switching Rn license to California

  1. 0 Does anyone know how to go about switching an Ohio RN license over into a California one? Do you need to have work experience? I graduate in April of next year and I am considering moving to California. I would take my NCLEX in Ohio but if I move I would have to transfer it right away to California. Any advice? Thanks!
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    You do not have to have work experience to endorse into CA.

    Endorsing in: Board of Registered Nursing - Licensure by Endorsement
    It takes several weeks, so keep that in mind when planning your move. You can also get your CA endorsement before you move into the state.

    Testing in (should you decide to skip Ohio and just get your initial license here): Board of Registered Nursing - Licensure by Examination
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    Why not take your NCLEX for California. My understanding is that you can test for any state.