Specialty Training for RN's in San Francisco Bay Area????

  1. Hi,
    I'm working in the San Francisco area as an ER nurse. I'm considering learning another specialty (not sure which one yet, but likely NICU or PICU).
    Are there any schools around here where I can learn a new specialty? I know I could apply for a job and have the employer train me, but I don't need the job, just the training.
    I'm Canadian and there we have courses that are usually around 3 months long, full time, in a clinical setting. I'm not sure where to look here.
    Thanks for your help,
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  3. by   suzanne4
    Both of these type of programs are strictly done by the employer, there are none that are thru a school that will be accepted by an employer later on. They would put you thru their program again since you would have not had any experience.

    Any employer is going to put someone thru their training program before they will count them in the staffing numbers and usually longer than three months for these areas.