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Hey all! I wanted to start this thread for those of us that applied to Scripps New Grad Program for August 2012. I uploaded my app and finished the Talentmine appraisal on Monday, May 14, at 2 pm. I hear that the first 500... Read More

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    Hi everyone-I just found this site. I interviewed on Monday. Felt like it went well but completely forgot to give them my letters of rec and show then the awesome portfolio that I spent hours/days making. Doh! Hope to hear soon...

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    Hi wish4msmc! welcome.....

    What are you doing to keep your mind off things? We're into the homestretch now. I'm trying not to cuddle with my phone. lol
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    To be honest.... I'm not. I'm pretty much married to my phone and checking constantly. I wish I had something to take my mind off :-(
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    It sounds completely silly but I've been looking at apartments that I'd be able to afford. Of course, the phone is helping me. It just sits there with its silent screen. *laughing*
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    Coriander-I will admit that I had a moment of weakness today (which is how I found this site), but I'm not really too stressed about the job hunt. I'm just praying that I get the right job for myself . . . of course I hope that this is it, but if not, what can I do?
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    Hi all!!! I am new to this forum but not to the site. I too had an interview on June 6 and feel as if I am going to lose my mind. Oh the stress!!!! I feel good about the way it went but you never know. UGH!!!!!!!!! Now every time the phone rings or I get an email my heart skips a beat. It is really hard to concentrate on anything else... To make a long story short, I feel all of your pain.
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    wish4msmc, That's a great attitude to have. I know we'll all find something that is just right for us.

    Hi nauhjat! I'm glad to hear that your interview went well. It was actually a very good experience. They were great at putting me at ease.
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    Thanks Coriander! Yeah they were pretty good at easing the tension. It's just the waiting game that is killing me and it's only been a day for me. LOL. I have to think positive though. :spin:
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    *Hums Jeopardy tune...*
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    So other than cuddling with our phones every night and wherever we go, are any of you also constantly checking the status of your app on scripps' website?

    12 more days to go...hopefully they'll start calling a few days before the 20th.
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