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Scripps Hopital regular RN position

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    I applied on April 10 for Scripps' Med-Surg position with non-acute care experience. I was invited for an interview on May 7th at Scripps Mercy with 3 panels. I thought it went well and now I am dying waiting for their decision. A phone call is good and an e-mail will be bad! i am soo stressful and paranoid at the same time. This is my first ever interview at Scripps since they do not often post any type of non-acute experience requirement.. I am nt eligible for new grad since I've been a nurse for 3 years in a rehab unit..

    So anybody on this with me?????
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    Anybody get any phone calls yet?! Anxiously awaiting....
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    Hi aloix14! Did u apply for the same position?? I wonder how many of us they interviewed... Im starting to lose faith
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    Did you guys get hired?