Samuel Merritt or SFSU

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    I was accepted into Samuel Merritt's ELMSN-CM and SFSU's GMSN Pediatric CNS. I am overjoyed that I got into both programs but am having a hard time making a decision. My undergrad is from SFSU, and I live near the campus and it is significantly cheaper. But I'm worried you get what you pay for. I would love to hear from people who have experience at either school or who have an opinion on either program.

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    I wasn't in the ELMSN program, but I am a Samuel Merritt nursing alumnus, and my friends who were in the ELMSN-CM program had few if any criticisms. Either way you will make enough money to pay for it. I would advise you to go with whichever program is going to give you the job you want. It sounds like the SFSU option is for a peds CNS? Decide which you want.