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  1. 0 Hi, does anyone have a estimate of what the staring pay is for the VA- long term center in Livermore. Thank you
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    I think it was posted with the opening but I can't remember how much. I have a good friend who works there and think you get 5 weeks paid vacation right off the bat Have you heard anything from them regarding interviews?
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    I just a got a letter staying I was qualified enough for the position, and my information was being sent to someone. Hopefully, I get a interview. I was just wondering because I work on-call out in Tracy, and wanted to see how much the differential was. My place in Tracy actually pays me more than what I was offered in SF, crazy huh? but not enough hours. Being on-call sucks Did you apply there too?
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    I did apply however I have no expereience. A good friend got hired awhile back and she said it took 4-5 weeks to get a call but I haven't heard anything from HR except the letter stating I am qualified. Good Luck!
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    Good Luck to you too!

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