Nurse Externships for Nursing students in Southern CA. Nurse Externships for Nursing students in Southern CA. | allnurses

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Nurse Externships for Nursing students in Southern CA.

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    Question for everyone. I live in Southern CA and am about to finish my first year of nursing school in my ADN program. I know once I finish I'll be qualified to apply to a nurse extern program. I've seen a lot out of state, but I haven't really found one in CA that's local that I can go to. I live in San Bernardino County (but don't mind going into Los Angeles). Any locals (or non-locals ^_^) have any idea which hospitals offer this type of program in the area? Nurses, does your hospital have a program like this?

    Just in case your wondering what a nurse externship is (it,s a program usually for nursing students where you work in the hospital as an RN [under supervision of course], you get paid to work a 12. And you get to practice working as an RN. Your responsible for your pt's care, charting, etc...) I thought this was an awesome idea and really want to pursue it. So if anyone has any leads I would be more than thankful. K! Thanks a bunch!
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    How about UCSD, they have New Grad Program offered Jan, April, July, Oct