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New grad RN with a job offer.

  1. 2 Hey there everyone. I'm a new grad from San Diego. Passed my NCLEX in February and have been searching for a job since then. I've applied to all of he new grad positions in SD without luck. Only got one interview at Scripps. Anyhow, I started searching on Craigslist for a job. Found one position and applied. Landed the job yesterday. It's a clinic job, which is something that I prefer. No nights, weekends, or holidays. So, if you experienced the same thing I was going through, look for jobs on Craigslist. Good luck!
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    Hi AV03,

    Congrats! What nursing school did you go to? I am currently applying for nursing programs in the bay area but also considering san diego area... What school can you reccomend down there?
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    I would focus all my energy and money into either CalState San Marcos or San Diego State. The tuition is cheaper than National University or Kaplan. However, the job market here is really tight. If you plan on moving back up north, then I would rather do schooling up there. You're more likely to get a position up there, if you do your clinical rotations at facilities up north. I went to National and wish I went to either State school instead. Good luck.