National University SD Accelerated BSN January 2013

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    Hi! I've looked and looked and have not been able to find a dedicated thread for applicants to the accelerated BSN program at National University in San Diego for the January 2013 cohort (cohort 33).

    I just took my essay and TEAS exam on Sept. 21st. I'm not sure how well I did on the essay, but I did ok on the TEAS. I guess I'm just looking for other people who has also applied to this program for support as we wait to hear on our applications in October.

    Hope to hear from some of you!

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    Any one out there apply to this program/cohort?

    I got an 86% on my TEAS, which I was pretty excited about since on my practice exams I was getting around 77%. I am not too sure how my overall points look right now since I don't really know how to calculate them. I figured I'd just let National handle it and see if I get in or not.

    Does anyone know how big the applicant pool is for this cohort? Any current National ABSN students here who would like to share how the program is? I've heard mixed reviews and would like to hear from someone that currently attends the school.

    Any input would be great!

    Thanks and good luck to all the applicants out there!
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    Hi there!
    I am applying for the ABSN nursing program for Jan. too. There is one other thread but it is not too active and I never get a response. I am starting to get more and more anxious, I hate waiting! I got 83% on my TEAS which isn't too bad. I felt pretty good about the essay but who knows!
    I actually have no idea how big the applicant pool is. I don't really want to email and ask cause I don't want to bother the advisor's. What have you heard in terms of mixed reviews? I am a little curious.
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    Just graduated in May. The program was a lot of work (still recovering). I think they may have finally figured out the curriculum. They kept making changes to it. It's a good program.
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    Hi acunha! I know what you mean. I remember them saying that emails slows the process of getting the applications reviewed; therefore, I have not sent any emails out. I had a friend that was in the program a few years back and said the program was on the verge of losing their accreditation, but I don't remember why. Also, the Nclex pass rate worries me as well, which makes me think that the program doesn't really prepare you for the nclex. But then again, maybe it's just the student. I've also heard from people that it's harder for students from National University to find jobs. However, I don't find the last statement to be completely true as I have seen many new grads from National Univ get hired at the hospital I volunteer at. I believe that since almost losing their accreditation that they may have stepped up their game, but I don't know anyone who's currently enrolled to ask how the program is now. These are some of the big ones I've heard that worries me. Some people say it's a good program, others complain. It may just be how much time and effort you put into the program.

    I am also getting really anxious to hear if I got in or not. It's already not too much longer (but this waiting game will make it seem super long).

    Hi ExPharmaGirl! Thanks for your response. How did you feel about the instructors? Have you already taken the nclex exam and, if you did and passed, have you started working?
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    I think every nursing school has its mixed bag of instructors. NU instructors are very qualified, and I liked most of the ones I had.Yes, I passed the NCLEX first time. No, I haven't found a job yet! The job situation is miserable for new grads right now. Hope it is better for you when you graduate!
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    Hi, everyone! I also applied for the same cohort--now it's the crazy waiting game, but I guess the days will pass by quickly as it's already October. They did say we'll hear from them around the last week of this month, yes?

    Does anyone have a clue on how they calculate the Science and Math GPA? I thought I understood it during the Nursing Forum, but now that I'm actually wondering about whether my GPA is competitive or not, I doubt I understood it at all.

    Oh, and I remember the proctor for my TEAS said that they get about 150-200 applicants for each cohort. I don't know whether this cohort has that many applicants, but whenever I think about that number and how only the top 50 applicants get in, I get so panicky and jittery.

    Good luck to all of us!
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    Hey HakunaMatataABSN,
    I have a good friend that has family members who went to NU nursing and she said that they really liked it. Thanks for sharing your mixed reviews... I heard that the NCLEX pass rates have been on the rise is this true? I have also read other threads that complained that there is no possibility of doing an externship while in the program which I guess most other nursing schools do offer, ExParmaGirl can you enlighten me as to what they were talking about?

    cappuccinespresso, they did say that they would inform us at the end of October but I bet it will take a little longer than that. To calculate my GPA i just went online and used a GPA calculator. Not sure if they calculate the GPA in a different way but that's how I did it. I think the applicant pool changes every application period. I know I also get nervous when I think about that they only accept 50! It freaks me out haha
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    It is my understanding that they are implementing an externship. We did not have one. It really doesn't matter, honestly. You have more clinical hours than any other school. I've been applying for new grad programs and only UCSD has asked so far. In the interview I have been on they didn't even ask about an internship.

    Yes, the NCLEX pass rates are on the rise. They were low because NU used to let people take the NCLEX earlier in the program. THey don't do that anymore. It will take a little while for the yearly averages to reflect this.
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    I should say they didn't ask about an: internship, externship, or preceptorship!

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