Napa Valley College Fall 2011

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    I just received an email this morning that a spot has opened for Fall 2011 at Napa Valley College. Is anyone else on here starting at NVC 2011?

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    Moved to CA Nursing Programs Discussion forum for more responses.
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    Haven't gotten in yet.. still on the waitlist! Good luck to ya!
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    Hi Jescott!

    I was wondering how your experience with Napa ADN was/is going? I start this Fall 2012, and I would like any feedback you may have about the program. Thank you!
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    Hi Mintyfreshness23,

    I will be stating the Napa ADN program in August 2012 as well. Do you live in Napa or will you be commuting? Do you know of anyone else you got accepted. I'm a nervous reck! High anxiety!
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    Hi Kimber! Congrats on getting into the program. I am very anxious and a little frightened at the same I live near Napa so it isn't really a commute.

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