1. 0 Hi my wife and I are looking to move to Sacramento as her grandparents are aging and need some help. I have 5 years healthcare experience 2 years CNA & Monitor tech and 2 years Tele RN and and currently working in ER with 6 months exp. I have a BSN and currenttly in an ACNP MSN program that is online (I can move and keep going to school ). I am currently applying for my CA license.My question is would I have trouble getting a job there? How is the job market? Is there ability to pick up overtime? Any hospitals to stay away from?Thanks for any help
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    I'm not from Sacramento but I can say with experience it's not too tough to find a job, it may take a month or 2 if you haven't already started. I can only speak for the UC system, but you can't easily pick up extra shifts as before, but it varies on units/specific campuses. As a whole UC is tightening up the budget pool.
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    Thanks for the help, Ya I think every one is tightening the budget

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