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Mount St. Mary's Traditonal BSN Program

  1. 0 I have been accepted into the MSMC Pre-Nursing BSN Program as a transfer student (So excited!) and will be starting classes this August. After this year I will applying to get into their traditional BSN program next fall. I have searching all over for answers on how many student from the Pre-Nursing program get accepted into the program and have no luck finding concrete information. I do know that they take about 10-15 transfer students from outside schools but what about those who are already a part of the Pre-Nursning program. Thank you in advance for for the help answers!

    Also, If anyone on here will be in the BSN Pre-Nursing program with me this year at MSMC, congrats on being accepted. Feel free to connect with me so we know a fellow student
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    Hey there, I am applying for the pre-nursing option as well. If you do not mind answering, what was your GPA and other educational stats and professional experience prior to applying? I am a little worried about my undergraduate GPA from UCSD as it wasn't too great. Thanks for the help!