LVN's in Plastic Surgery or Dermatology ?

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    Hello fellow nurses and nursing students!

    I am currently an LPN (LVN) student in New York, and upon graduation in May, I will be relocating to California for family reasons, and to pursue a career in cosmetic nursing (I am immediately bridging to my RN). My question is:

    What is the need for LVN's in dermatology and/or cosmetic surgery in private clinics ? I have worked at UCLA, and I know they utilize LVNs in their Plastics department and clinics - so I will of course apply to them first; though, my long term goal is to work in a private practice where I can learn more hands on, such as botox, fillers, peels and the like.

    Any information would be greatly appreciated! Also, what is a base pay rate scale for LVN's in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas?

    Joey Salazoom
    Student Nurse

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    Just an observation: the derm. I go to uses only RNs. No CMAs, no LPNs...RNs only.
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    i worked in a dermatology office that specialized in MOHS micrographic surgery. (skin cancer surgery) LOVED it! i am a stay at home mom now bridging from LPN to RN.

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