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LVN Program Tuition in Bay Area

  1. 0 Hi guys,

    Couldn't find any forums for just tuition information on only bay area schools so I thought I'd start one.

    For starters, I know UNITEK in Fremont has a program that's about $38,000.
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    Holy balls that's expensive!
    Check out community colleges- they're WAY less expensive! I'm willing to bet that SF City College has a program, and I know Santa Rosa Junior College had a program last time I checked.
    Take a look at the job prospects for LVNs in the Bay Area- they're dwindling, honestly. I don't see a lot of positions other than in SNFs. You may be better off looking at an ADN program. Just a heads up.
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    Like the PP said, That's way too much of an investment. Have you checked their nclex-PN passing rate? Also do a search for LPN jobs in your area to see if there are sufficient positions open.

    Make sure you take all aspects into consideration.

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    Try NCP college of nursing in Daly City or Gurnicks in San Mateo