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  1. 0 What does the job market look like, generally speaking, for an associate degree nurse in the Los Angeles area? I'm not a new grad, but I only have two years experience (in critical care). Can anyone give me an idea?
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    I moved to the area with two years of experience and an ADN. The suburban hospitals didn't seem to be hiring much, but I did get some calls when I started looking closer to downtown. The job I was offered required two years of recent acute care experience as a minimum.
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    Do you speak Spanish? That is the single largest contributing factor to your finding employment as a nurse in L.A. If you don't, get on it. At the very least, sign up for a medical Spanish class somewhere and buy Rosetta Stone or Pimseler, and put on your rsum that you are in the process of learning Spanish. That will help.
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    Great, thanks for the tips. I made sure to add Spanish to my cover letter, so it's not totally buried at the bottom of my resume.

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