Likelihood of Getting a Job After Receiving RN in SoCal

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    I was wondering how many jobs are available for recent grads looking for RN positions in Southern California. Can you get a job with an Associate's Degree in Nursing or is it necessary to have a BSN?

    I am currently a student at UC Irvine with two majors in fields other than nursing (Public Health Science (B.S.) and Sociology (B.A.). I am really concerned with cost, competitiveness, and the amount of time involved with getting an accelerated BSN degree, so I am wondering whether or not I could do the associates program and have a job after completing it, then get my BSN through an online program while working as an RN. Is this possible?


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    As long as you are not picky then you will be fine. There are tons of LTC & SNF that hire RN's all the time, and RN's mostly do paperwork there and may start an IV here and there since LVN can't. Many new grads I think want to get into te ICU & ER places that pay the big $$ and most times you need experience.

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