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Kaiser New Grad Program in San Diego

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    Does anyone know any information about Kaiser's New Grad Program? Anyone who applied and got hired? Hope to hear from you soon! Thanks a bunch!
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    I have not heard of Kaiser in San Diego as having a new grad program. I would be interested to know if anyone landed a job with Kaiser San Diego as a new grad THIS YEAR.
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    I read that not all Kaisers have New Grad Programs. I think it's pretty tough to get in this facility because they always require years of experience.
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    Last I heard was they were not planning on having new grad program any time soon. It's a shame because I really think it would be ideal place for a lot of new grads.
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    I went to a career fair in Dec., 2010, and a recruiter from Kaiser told me that NO Kaisers in CA are hiring new grads this year... how depressing!
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    Kaiser does have a new grad program but its for current employees only. There is a link in the middle of this page for start dates if anyone happens to be working there.