Job websites or a list of SNF / Nursing Homes?

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    I have had my LVN license for about 2 months now and need to start looking for a job. Does anyone know any job listing websites that actively have current job openings for LVN's?

    Also, does anyone know how flexible a SNF might be if I plan on going to RN school at the same time as working?

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    I've noticed most SNF's don't have websites so i would go through the phone book and just call them and ask or go in to ask (with resume in hand).
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    Google is your are job search engine site like Monster.

    California Nursing Home List by county: HTML – CANHR This is website that lists the nursing homes by county and information about deficiencies but you can then use that information to contact them or google a web site. U.S. Nursing Home Information Registry Ratings Complaints Surveys Quality & Staffing

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