how much it cost to study lvn at a private school and how long will it take?

  1. Hi everyone i am thinking of taking lvn course here in cali any suggestion of private school? (los angeles, glendale and nearby areas),, how much it cost? How long it takes full time and not.. tia
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  3. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Moved to CA Nursing Program forum to elicit further response. Good luck
  4. by   Philly_LPN_Girl
    I don't live in Cali BUT, speaking in general, LVN/LPN could take 10-18 months depending on which school you are going to and if you are going full time or part time.
  5. by   scottlvn1305
    It depends on what you are willing to pay. Most trade schools are around $35000-45000 for LVN. It may be easier to obtain your education through CC. All schools have their problems though. Ask to sit in on a class and ask questions to the students themselves.