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Holy Names Oakland - FNP Program

  1. 0 Any information about the Holy Names FNP program would be appreciated. I'm supposed to register for classes and I'm not sure if I want to attend.

    Do they help you find clinical placements?

    In addition to the monthly class meetings is there a lot of online, blackboard work?

    Any group work?

    I would love to hear from anyone who has gone to, graduated from, dropped out of or considered their FNP program.
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    Canary, did you end up attending HNU for their FNP? If you've started classes I would like to ask you some questions about it.
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    did either of you find any info about holy names???
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    I did not go to Holy Names. I ended up going to Gonzaga through their distance program. If I can answer questions about my experience with the admission process I'd be glad to but I didn't start the classes.
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    Canaryred, why did you choose not to go with Holy Names? What was your impression of their admission process? Congrats on Gonzaga, I have heard they are a good school.