Help!!!!LVN job in san bernardino county??? Help!!!!LVN job in san bernardino county??? | allnurses

Help!!!!LVN job in san bernardino county???

  1. 0 I been LVN for quite a while now and until now still no luck getting a job!!!!anybody know a place near or here in san bernardino county???? Thank u very much
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    San Bernardino County filed BK today 7-11-12......its on the LA times newspapers and on internet.
    So far 3 cities in Calif claimed BK. (Broke state)
    Check another county like OC or LA.
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    I would try Maxim Healthcare Services; they have home health, as well as health & wellness units. They hire new grads for the health & wellness clinics, and use them during the flu season. After a year with them, they transition the nurses to home health. Hope this helps. good luck.
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    Never mind.
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    For whatever reason, nursing job market in CA seems to suck badly. Try the state prisons. They hire quite a few LVNs to pass meds.
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