Given a tour of the facility after interview.. good sign?

  1. 2 Hello all,

    So I finally got an interview today in a subacute facility. I was interviews by the DSD and DHR same time. After the interview I was given a tour of the facility. I'd like to think it as a positive sign that they are going to "call me" back. I just think they wouldn't put time in touring every interviewee after the interview? isn't that a waste of their time if they do that?

    I am so anxious right now. They said I should hear from them within this week. And if I dont they want me to give them a call.

    Any advice? has anybody here experienced this?

    Thanks so much!
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    Many places give a tour of the facility to interviewees. I doesn't indicate positive or negative results.

    I'm sorry...good Luck!

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