Experienced nurse - expected salary?

  1. Hi. My wife has been nursing for about 14 years in the Philippines and more recently in the UK (last 3 years in ICU). She just passed her NCLEX and is now looking for jobs in the LA / Inland Empire area. Could anyone give any indication of the type of salary she should be looking for please? Also, how much annual leave - is it by hours or by days? I don't want her to start on the 10-day typical US allowance. One hospital hinted at a moving allowance being given so I'm hoping they're up for a little bit of negotiation as she's experienced in critical care, not a new grad. She did her PALS yesterday and has ACLS (?) and another course in the next two weeks, paid for by herself.

    Many thanks.
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  3. by   yoganurs
    Each hospital and unit is different. It's hard to give a general answer. She should just apply for the job that makes her most happy and see what they offer. Good luck!