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Evergreen Valley College nursing program

  1. 0 Anyone else applying to their program, or know how difficult it is to get in?
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    I heard it was difficult to get into. I know that their application is once a year. A big downside is that they do NOT accept combined Anatomy and Physiology courses. Completely ridiculous if you ask me; A&P is A&P, whether it’s taught combined or separate. I figure it’s an excuse their nursing dept has come up with to prevent too many non-residents in being able to apply. How unfortunate.
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    I'm applying this October.
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    Solidus_Snake, have you heard back from them yet?
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    Hi. I saw and earlier posting about EVC not excepting combined A&P classes but this isn't true as long as you take the full two quarters or semesters. They took my combined A&P classes! Hope this helps!
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    They accepted me (I started a program elsewhere) with a combined A&P too.
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    Did you guys get in first try