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  1. 0 Good evening all!
    I am planning on moving to California from Georgia and was wondering if anyone has a full list of California BON educational requirements? I am curious to see if I will need to take additional courses..

    Thanks so much!
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    To be honest, the best source for this information is the BRN itself.

    Endorsement page: Board of Registered Nursing - Licensure by Endorsement
    General info re RN practice: Board of Registered Nursing - Registered Nurse Practice Information

    Or write them to ask:
    Email: BRN.Licensing@dca.ca.gov
    They're pretty good about responding to e-mails.

    Note: If you are an Excelsior grad, you're not eligible either by licensure or endorsement unless you were enrolled in Excelsior by or before 12/05/2003--no extra classes will help you with this one.