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DSD Certification in California

  1. 0 DSD Certification in California Hi,Myname is Jill and I'm trying to find out how to get certification for Director of Staff Development. Does anyone know about this? Thanks :angryfire
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    I too am looking for this certification. The closest I've found so far is a certification for Nursing Professional Development through ANCC. Here's the link to the eligibility criteria for taking the exam. I wish you well in your search. http://www.nursecredentialing.org/El...igibility.aspx

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    Hello , I currently hold a DSD cert. and I am providing instructions to nursing assistants at a career college. I know that the healthcare organization QCHF offers this course in California. It is a 24hr course . You can go to CDPHS website to get info. on the qualifications for DSD's..Hope this info was helpful.
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    One of my friends just completed a DSD course online. I hope this is helpful. Can anyone give me more information on fetal monitoring?
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