Does anyone know of a good online university for Lvn-Bsn program a?

  1. So far Indiana State University Lvn to Bsn program is no longer taking new students and Western Governors University clinical sites are only in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and Fountain Valley California. Because I'm in the central valley of california, i need clinical sites near Fresno,California. I prefer lecture,quiz and test to be 100% online but clinicals to be close by. I am an Lvn with two yrs experience working at a state prison close to home and I live 45 miles south of Fresno. Thanks for your help allnurses!!
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    Hi! Where did you see/hear about ISU not taking any new applicants? I was pretty hopeful about that program but if they're not taking applicants :/
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    Moved to California State Nursing Programs as best chance of state specific response.