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Anyone applying for fall 2013? I saw recently that they changed something,but i cant exactly point out what it is. I think it might be the statistics prereq. They also have the applications due earlier than last year anyways,... Read More

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    Wow that might change something...Thanks for telling me that!

    I think you still have some chances to get in CSULA. I heard that everything above 20 is ok, the rest depends on the applicant pool. You should definitely volunteer ASAP.

    As of me, I decided to go for my A.D.N. anyways. I am starting next month and then I will do RN-BSN in 2015..

    Fortunately, there is more than a way to get there ...lol


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    Hi fellow CSULA 2013 applicants!
    I don't know if this is the right thread for me to ask this question, but hopefully someone can help me out here. I am applying to the ELMN program, and the application deadline is coming up on 1/14. I have my application package all ready to go except I am still waiting for grades to be posted for the two prereq classes that I took this past fall semester. Without those grades, I am afraid my transcripts won't arrive on time before the application deadline. Has anyone else experienced this problem? Does anyone know if it would be okay if I send in my transcripts in later after the deadline?
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    this thread should be more active! i know for a fact it's that time of year when pre-nursing students are getting everything together to apply apply apply!
    as for me, im working on my csulb.
    im gonna be taking my 2nd teas test this friday. hopefully i do better.
    if anyone wants to talk about applications and what not for bsn (especially at csula and csulb), email me! cadagcuta@gmail.com
    id like to talk to yall!
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    I'm back again...
    This whole applying thing is seriously making me lose sleep :/
    anyways.. I was hoping on csulb but I slowly started losing hope. My grades weren't what I expeceted them to be.. My TEAS didn't change too much from the first time and I know its getting more and more competitive...anyways
    good luck CX. you can do this! i'm taking it yet again but for san marcos and san diego. luckily Channel islands I have a decent score.
    Maybe someone can answer a question i've had in mind though...
    If final rnakings are done in April, and final transcripts are due by JUne (for stats and micro) what do they calculate your gpa to be? do they put it in as a C?
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    Does anybody know if we have to send them official transcripts from the teas exam or just the information of the scoring provided by the ati testing site?
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    @ cxmonet: I hope you did better this time..., I took mine on a friday too and I know the 3 days wait can be hard..lol enjoy your week end no matter what and Good luck!!

    @ Yose.O: Very good question, I was wondering the same thing because I wanted to apply to csulb. Althought I have general and organic chemistry, I will have to take biochemitry this spring to qualify for their program. Since that biochem classe will be in progress, I don't know how they will going to calculate my science GPA...But you are right, they usually take "in progress" classes as a C.

    @ alyssag24: If you took the test @ csula, then you can email an unofficial to the SON just to be on the safe side. But if you took the test elsewhere, then you should have sent an official transcript ordered through atitesting website before the deadline Dec 28 (I called the SON today )

    Did anyone here heard of the International Scholar Laureate Program Delegation on Nursing??

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    I took it yesterday and BOY was I happy! I did a lot better than before. Now I feel a little bit better about applying, now I feel like I could have a shot! .

    cx and suppa Good luck to you two though, I bet you both did a lot better

    and, No I haven't heard of it.. please, enlighten me
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    I believe it is an internship program for honor students interested in nursing. It seem to be a well-known program but I can't find much reviews from people who participated it. Last summer they had a trip to Australia, this year they included China..I am wondering if it is a "once in a life time opportunity" that I am not taking it seriously.??

    @ cxmonet, yeah I can't believe it's like desert on this thread! I am pretty sure there are tons of CSULA applicants circulating on this website...I know we are all either working on applications or waiting anxiously for acceptance (or deny) letters...lol.. Until then, please post the info you have on this thread so that everyone could benefit...
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    I emailed K**** asking her if I needed to send in an official TEAS transcript and she said that the copy I sent in with my application materials would be fine. I just received the following email as I am sure all of you did as well:

    Dear Alyssa,

    Thank you very much for the submittal of your ELMN application materials. We realize that your TEAS results and any final transcripts from the fall semester may still be on their way to us. If we find that we are in need of any additional application materials, we will be in touch with you via email. Thanks again for your interest in our summer 2013 ELMN program, and we look forward to reviewing your application.
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    i coulda sworn i replied to this thread like 3 days ago. lol
    i guess it didnt go through.
    yes. i retook my teas test and got a MUCH better grade (still not a 100% on math and english like i had hoped for but WAY better than the last xD)
    i calculated my "points" for csulb and it amounts to approx 8.75/10
    hopefully thats good! cos my csula is a bust -.-
    i hope you guys are getting everything ready and let me know how your points are!
    i still have yet to turn in my full csulb nursing app

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