CSU spring admission for nursing?

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    I recently applied to CSU's for fall 2013 but since I have two pre-reqs in progress I won't be admitted to any of the nursing programs. So I was thinking of just re-applying in August for Spring admission but I'm not sure which schools have Spring admission for their nursing program. The only one I know of is CSULB. Is there any other CSU's who accept in spring? Thanks in advance!

    Oh, I almost forgot to mention I want to get my BS in nursing.
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    You should probably specify to which CSU you are referring. I'm guessing there are more than a couple.
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    I applied to CSULB, CSUCI, CSUDH, CSULA, CSUF, and CSUN. But I'm looking for schools that allow spring admission since thats when i'll have all my pre-reqs done by.
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    Moved to California State Nursing Programs for more response.

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