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Hey everyone! I know this is so far away but I wanted to start a thread for the crazy pre nursing students like myself who are already totally anxious for this next spring to come around! All who are... Read More

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    Just heard back from Chico, alternate 100 =/
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    At least you've heard something hopefully you'll get better news soon !
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    Thanks for the support ^_^V waiting on two more schools, how about you??
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    annulo, sorry to hear the bad news on Chico. I have 2 rejections so far myself. Bleh. Here's to acceptances on the way!
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    I kind of put all my eggs in one basket and just applied to East Bay which is why I think I'm so anxious :/ but hearing they had over 900 apps is very frightening !
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    As far as CSU East Bay is concerned, I spoke to someone in the Concord campus nursing dept who told me not to worry about the intent to enroll issue. She said that they manually enroll us into the system, so we don't have to worry about it. Granted, the Hayward campus is the one dealing with admissions decisions, so it may be better to check with that campus, I guess.

    The person I spoke with also reiterated the late May decision timeline. Yikes!
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    People started receiving their acceptance letters from SJSU today. :P
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    Has anyone heard from csula yet?
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    Late May? As if one more week of torture wasn't enough. Now, it's another month?
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    Does anyone know if we can send our "INTEND TO ENROLL" to different schools at the same time- even if we dont know we will be going there? The deadline is on MAY 1st and I'm still waiting for SFSU and CSUEB to let me know about my acceptance. I received a message that says "If you do not complete any part of this multi-step "Intent to Enroll" process by the May 1 deadline, we will withdraw your application".

    Can someone help me with this please??
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    According to Sac State homepage,
    "IMPORTANT Instructions for "New" Transfer Students (Second Bachelors - this does NOT apply to you!): Please be sure you return your University, Intent to Enroll (ITE) by the May 1 deadline,www.csus.edu/admissions/ite. This is a critical deadline! Failure to return your ITE by May 1 will result in your application being withdrawn from consideration from the University and the School of Nursing (no fee required, not a promise to enroll). When you receive your admission decision, please check your Alternate number. If you are Alternate 1-50, please submit a "yes" Intent pending news from the School of Nursing (no fee required, not a promise to enroll). The last Alternate selected fall 2012 was number 47 (usually mid-twenties).

    So, I think it is safer to send Intend to Enroll thing . I hope this can help you making decision.
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    I'm wondering the same "intent to enroll" thing. Thanks for the info on Sac State, j0831. CSUEB and SFSU are different for 2nd bacc's, though. We applied to those universities. I'm thinking that if I still haven't heard about my acceptances by May 1, I will try to submit multiple ITE's, to all the schools I'd like to attend, if admitted. I sure hope that works.
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    I just emailed CSUEB and SFSU about the Intent to Enroll issue. I'll let you know when/if they get back to me.