Cna Courses In Los Angeles?

  1. hi,
    does anybody know where i can take a cna course? i live between the fairfax district and culver city.
    also, does anyone know about how much it costs for a vn degree at a career college?
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  3. by   DLOAH
    West Los Angeles college has a cna program the cost is less than 300 i dont believe it all has to be paid at once either. I know for a fact that the vn program at american career college is 31,000 and at career colleges of america it is 28,000. Most of them are expensive except for ones through an rop adult school those are less than 4000. I spoke to some lvn and rn's and they all said dont go for your cna just go for your lvn the money is soo much better
  4. by   allexx
    [font=book antiqua]thanks so much for the information.
    [font=book antiqua]i've never heard of rop adult schools, what are those? are there any in la?
    [font=book antiqua]thanks,
    [font=book antiqua]alex
  5. by   DLOAH
    Rop stands for regional occupational programs. If you go to this website it lets you know about the lvn programs throughout California. It even tells you there pass and fail rate. The ones that are rop schools are most of the ones that start with los angeles unified school district