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Clinical hours required in California?

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    I looked all over the CA BSN website and couldn't find this, so if I'm asking an obvious question: sorry!

    Does anyone know how many clinical hours are required by the BSN to be okayed to take the NCLEX? I know they require a certain amount of hours in medical, surgical, obstetrics, etc. but I couldn't find anywhere how many hours specifically in each section.

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    Graduation from an accredited nursing school approved by the state of CA will ensure the required number of hours. At one time this question came up for me, but I am not quite sure where, I believe it is listed in the BRN nursing practice act under the section explaining the 30 unit option for LVNs to be able to sit for the Boards. I believe the number of hours in total is something like 850, but I am not certain. Look at the CA BRN RN nurse practice act, I believe the answer is in there.