Can I use my college credits from a foreign university towards BSN?

  1. Kudos to the creator of this site! First off, I'm getting frustrated to get into a nursing program here in NorCal since I have a foreign Bachelor's degree (BSED). I've tried Holy Names Univ. but I got rejected due to my degree. I applied for CC around the area but the waiting list is relatively close to a year. What I wanted to do is just to start all over and get an Associate in Nursing if my credits can't be applied. Anybody has an idea how to get into the Nursing Program around Oakland/Eastbay area with a bachelors already? Thanks in advance!
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    I moved your post to the Cali Nursing Programs forum (from the government/military forum) to encourage responses.
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    Thanks admin
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    Hi Cori, I also have a bachelor degree from oversea. Have u ever gotten your degree evaluated? I believe that most schools accept foreign bachelor if it is equivalent to US bachelor after evaluation. Samuel Merritt is one of them. I went to their info session and they told me to get my transcript evaluated so i did. My BA is now equivalent to US BA