California Baptist University

  1. Anyone have information about California Baptist University?

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  3. by   gahnosah
    I am a 2nd year CBU graduate student pursing a Masters in nursing
    You will love it here. Im not exactly sure what you want to know, but if you are thinking of applying to the school, I would highly recommend it!
    Great faculty and they carry a holistic-care theory
  4. by   JessAnn960
    I would love to hear what you think about CBU! I am looking for a Christian nursing program in Southern California and this one caught my eye. How do you like it? Do you think as a nursing student, campus life made a difference...or did you not have enough time to notice? Do they have ministries that you can be apart of as a nursing student? Or is there even any time for that?
  5. by   jsimpsonlee03
    I JUST (as in today) went to an information session and REALLY like what I've heard. I'm wondering what the mean stats were of those accepted! Congrats on getting through your second year!