APU SCAN prerequisite

  1. Hi, I need big help from people in APU SCAN program or people who have applied there.

    I have applied to the program myself for Fall 2009. Just last week, I have received phone call from nursing department telling me I was missing prerequisite of Research Class they required. I have done independent research project, but apparently they need a lecture class about introduction to research and methods/processes. They recommanded me University of Phoenix, but I am interational student at UCSD and University of Phoenix does not accept international student. APU wants me to complete it before the orientation which is in August. I tried to find few by myself, but having limitations like visa status and time, I couldn't find a lot. If you guys completed the research prerequities for APU's SCAN program near San Diego, Irvine, LA, or San Francisco area please tell me the school name and the course number. I can look up the date and whether if the school accept international student or not so anything about this would really help. Thank you