Anyone else still waiting in Fresno Citys Lottery for 2014

  1. 0 This will be my 3rd time for fall 2014... I am studying for the teas with the ATI manual and one of the advisers told me to take it because if funding comes in I could easily get in! Who is with me????????
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    Moved to the California Nursing forum.
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    I applied, did u see they changed the date to check your lottery status?!?! annoying
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    Omg yeah it sucks but I wasn't selected doll were you? how long have you been waiting
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    Hi! Sorry didn't see you replied! I didn't get in either ����. This was my first time applying...I'm forwarding my app for next application period... Good luck to both of us!
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    I am hopeful for this round Spring 2015. I haven't completed the TEAS yet but was told I'll still be in the lotto since I applied prior to this draw. From now on all applicants must submit their score in order to submit applications . I hope that I was clear on that. How do you feel about the upcoming lotto?

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