Any New Grad RN Job Openings now? 2012

  1. 0 Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone knew who was still hiring or still has an ongoing application process for new grad RNs! Please let me know! Thanks!
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    Look up every hospital in your area of interest and bookmark the new grad pages. Check daily for updates. Also, email the HR recruiter or call and ask when new grad programs will be posted. Sometimes positions are only posted for a day, sometimes only hours before they shut the system down as they are flooded with hundreds of applications. A lot of programs in the San Diego area are being cancelled lately (Palomar/Pomerado is one I can think of).
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    I think Palmdale Regional is still taking applications. You might also apply to LA County through the department of health services. & are also good resources.
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    Also, when you do see a new grad position, apply for it immediately, because there's no guarantee it will still be posted on your next visit.
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    The DC, VA and MD areas are still accepting applicants for new grads

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