ABSN Samuel Merritt... Writing Sample ... help!

  1. i need help! i am applying for the absn program at samuel merritt program. can anyone send me what they wrote for their writing samples? i need inspiration... the first two questions i am pretty much finished but it is the second question ([font=times-roman]please elaborate on any community or school activities, academic honors, relevant continuing education courses, publications, etc. that you would like us to consider in evaluating your application.) that i am stumped on.... i literally have 1 paragraph and an idea for 1 more!

    i feel like i keep saying the same thing in all there questions! for this questions i tried to keep it relevant to things i have not already mentioned like all the prerequisites that i took and how it helped me in my preparation. if someone can email me what they wrote i would be forever indebted!!! please please please

    thank you!
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